BOCA x 13C bar in the back: Dubai’s Sustainable Fine Dining Meets Amman’s MENA 50 Best Restaurant

13C bar in the back, ranked 27th on Middle East North Africa’s 50 Best Restaurants™ and one of Amman’s long standing and finest establishments is proud to host Chef Matthijs Stinnissen from leading sustainable fine dining restaurant, BOCA Dubai for one night only on July 2. 

Chef Matthijs Stinnissen, Head Chef at BOCA, is flying to Amman, Jordan to take over the kitchen of 13C bar in the back. He will present an 8-course sharing menu featuring dishes that highlight BOCA’s work with what is traditionally considered waste, in addition to classics from the restaurant’s current menu.

BOCA and 13 bar in the back share a Mediterranean food heritage and a love for interactive food pairing experiences. Expect to see dishes such as YESTERDAY’s BREAD made with stale sourdough, tomato skin powder, revived milk ricotta, avocado, and Aceto Sopraffino, MISO CARAMELISED HAMACHI with confit turnip, crispy black rice, mizuna, purslane, and parsnip puree and BRAISED BEEF SHORTRIB served with truffle and herb risotto, crispy mustard seed, and mustard cress. For dessert Chef Matthijs will present two dishes including his beloved TOMATO & STRAWBERRY made with pink beef tomato, violet infused red fruit sorbet, and strawberry tartare.

ABOUT 13C bar in the back
Passion is a remarkable driving force/ 13C is the product of years of traveling, tasting, and winemaking by three wine obsessed friends / a sommelier, a winemaker, and a wine trader. Building on the proud foundations laid in 1954 by the late Bulos Y Zumot / 13C is a new chapter for Bulos Y. Zumot & Co, one of the oldest wine & spirits distributors in Jordan.

We’ve tasted and handpicked every bottle in our store and created 13C for you to discover and enjoy our selection. Named after the optimal temperature to store wine, we offer a space that is accessible, inspiring and empowering for wine lovers, whisky geeks & novices alike – a place unlike any other in Amman.


JULY 2nd 2022 | Eight Dishes | JD 75 ++| Advanced booking is essential | Guests can book through 0096279860 0616

BOCA and Fann-A-Porter present Hady Boraey: Eden Dance

Hady is an independent Egyptian visual artist who studied art in Cairo. He has had four solo exhibitions and spread his artwork internationally through residency programs, workshops and exhibitions Boraey in Italy (2010), Greece (2011), England (2012), United Arab Emirates (2022, 2013), Jordan (2014), Poland (2016), Belgium (2018), Italy (2021). Boraey’s work can be seen in Canada, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and Egypt.

In Eden Dance, Hady has been experimenting with painting, drawing and sculpture for 20 years. He aims to take his viewers on a journey, opening the mind to new perspectives and blurring the lines between body and soul.

Eden Dance was born out of the pandemic and the desire to reconnect with nature. The collection represents a rich and textured fantasy world. Stoic figures take center stage in almost every artwork. Sharp facial features are made sharper by their geometric figures – a stark contrast to the muted backgrounds that lie behind them. Cacti, leaves, and budding plants represent an obvious desire to connect not only with nature, but also with the outside world beyond the confinement and isolation of the prison.

The sun, stars, and birds appear in some paintings, breathing life into the collection and suggesting that the figures are actually outside. The figures look up longingly at the starry or sunny sky, in others they dance in an almost spiritual appreciation of nature. And in still others, they seem to simply be at peace.

Catch Hady Boraey’s Eden Dance exhibition in BOCA from June 9th .

Book through +971 4 323 1833 or Whatsapp +971 52 160 7507

BOCA Presents: Paco Pérez Experience by Estrella Damm

Estrella Damm partners with chef Paco Pérez for a stunning gastronomic experience at BOCA, Dubai

On the 23rd and 24th of May, Estrella Damm, the beer of Barcelona, will present a unique pop-up gastronomic experience in partnership with Spanish chef Paco Pérez at BOCA restaurant in Dubai. Paco Perez, whose restaurants hold a total of five Michelin-stars will host the exclusive dinner featuring 8 small dishes, paired with Estrella Damm lager. The menu includes Paco Pérez’s own creative take on classics such as lobster salad, red mullet and crema Catalana, with influences from the Mediterranean and much further afield, including Japan, in the form of a forest chawanmushi. And Estrella Damm also stars as an ingredient, as the base of chicken in a beer sauce.

May 23rd and 24th 2022 | Eight Dishes | Four Estrella Damm | AED 545 ++| Advanced booking is essential | Guests can book through 04 323 1833, WhatsApp +971 52 160 7507 or

Click here to see the menu.  

Paco Pérez’s culinary journey started at Miramar, the 2 Michelin-starred restaurant he and his wife run on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Miramar is the source of his inspiration, his creativity, his philosophy, but he is also the driving force behind other restaurants around the world, including Enoteca in Barcelona, which also has 2 Michelin stars, (he has 5 in total), Arco in Poland, and Tast Català in the UK, among others.

More than 140 years ago, August K. Damm and his wife Melanie emigrated from Alsace to Barcelona, where they fulfilled their dreams of doing what they did best: brewing beer. In 1876 they established their own brewery, having crafted and perfected a distinctive beer which was suitable for warmer climates and was very different from existing central European beers: Mediterranean lager.

Today, Estrella Damm is still brewed using the original 1876 recipe, with 100% natural ingredients: barley, hops and rice. The quality of the beer’s ingredients is of the utmost importance and the brewery works closely with local farmers. Estrela Damm also has its own malting, where the finest quality malt that Estrella Damm’s master brewers insist on is produced. Rice from the nearby Ebro river delta makes the beer more refreshing – a great fit for the Mediterranean climate.

Tucked away in the heart of Dubai’s financial district, BOCA is a Modern European restaurant heavily influenced by Spanish cuisine and with a strong commitment to sustainability and local sourcing.

In addition to sourcing ingredients locally and supporting local farmers and fishermen, we have stepped up our efforts to reduce waste with the help of our own Waste Officer. We continuously audit our kitchen and bar operations, refuse single use plastic from suppliers and to customers, operate a demand-driven inventory, and prefer working with like-minded partners across the value chain.

Advanced booking is essential. Prices are inclusive of 5% VAT and subject to 7% authority fees, and 10% service charge. We regret that we are unable to accommodate dietary restrictions with this menu. Confirmed bookings are essential. Guests can book through 04-3231833, WhatsApp +971 52 160 7507 and

Under current regulations (updated February 2022) BOCA, located in Gate Building 6, DIFC, is open all week from 12:00pm to 3:00am.

Twitter @BOCAdubai | Instagram @BOCAdubai @LATAPERIADXB | Facebook: | #BOCAdubai #LATAPERIADXB

CLARA MILLES | | +971 50 2590773

BOCA x Pickl

💥 For one night only, fine dining meets fast food.

In a first-of-its-kind collaboration, BOCA and Pickl will offer a dining experience not to be missed. Expect the unexpected across five surprise courses from BOCA Head Chef Matthijs Stinnissen and Pickl Founder Steve Flawith. A paired drinks menu, live music, and communal seating arrangement will ensure a lively party atmosphere.

Click here to see the menu. Come as you are and be ready for fun 😉

May 10th. 7:30 pm. Five Courses, Eight Beverages. 21+ only. AED 395 + 7% authority fees.
BOCA Dubai, Gate Village 6, Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC)

Book through +971 4 323 1833 or Whatsapp +971 52 160 7507





10-course tasting menu, served at our chef’s table, with a focus on sustainability. This low carbon footprint meal sees vegetables take center stage, with usually-discarded skins, stems, seeds and produce getting a second change. Best of all, there’s no compromise on taste. Click here to see menu or here for a preview of the experience. 

Dubai Food Festival | May 2-15, 7:30pm | 4 seats only | AED 345+ pp | with paired beverages AED 495+ pp



We are open as usual throughout the Holy Month of Ramadan and added an Iftar menu. Ten sharing dishes, iced tea, coffee and tea for AED 225+ per person.

Click here to see the menu

Served daily during from sunset to 11 pm.
Prices are inclusive of 5% VAT and subject to 7% authority fee.

Guests can book through 04 323 1833, Whatsapp on 971521607507 or


BOCA, Dibba Bay Oysters and Gin Mare host a ten-day celebration featuring special promotions and marks launch of a reef building project.

Dibba Bay Oysters and Gin Mare share a deep connection with the sea, gastronomy and marine conservation. This March, we invite you to share this passion with us through a ten-day celebration featuring Dibba Bay Oysters specials, Dibba Bay Oyster pairing menus and Gin Mare cocktails.

BOCA has been serving only one type of oyster since 2018; Dibba Bay Oysters from the pristine waters of Fujairah, UAE. Thanks to the unique conditions of the ocean, which made Arabia world-renowned for its lustrous white pearls, the Dibba Bay oyster is thriving and continues to showcase the heritage of the region through its distinctive and vibrant white and gold shell. The unique qualities of the waters of the Emirates, which have been historically through the legendary white pearls, now live on through the Dibba Bay oyster shell.

Together with Gin Mare, who share a deep love and passion for the ocean, oysters and gastronomy, we come together to celebrate with special offers on freshly shucked oysters, specially curated pairing menu and new Gin Mare cocktail creations.

During the ten-day celebration, BOCA will offer special pricing on freshly shucked Dibba Bay oysters throughout the day and present a five-dish oyster menu and three Gin Mare cocktails for AED 260 per person. On the menu expect to see BOCA’s SIGNATURE COOL SEASON DIBBA BAY OYSTERS with clementine and Gin Mare vinaigrette, Pure Harvest tomatoes and calamansi gel, OYSTER CROQUETTES with piccalilli mayo, ARROZ NEGRE with Indian Ocean Octopus, bergamot allioli, Spanish Bomba black rice and a DIBBA BAY OYSTER ICE CREAM or ‘OYSCREAM’ with cucumber gel, Opalys Valrhona chocolate and sea salt tuille. Gin Mare’s creations are priced from AED 45.

Click here to see the menu

This celebration will support reef projects by local non-profit marine conservation organization AZRAQ. AZRAQ, in collaboration with the Freestyle Divers Conservation team, protects and propagates coral off the coast of Dibba, Fujairah, through the construction of coral nurseries and artificial reefs. Dibba Bay Oysters, BOCA and Gin Mare will help by collecting and transporting cleaned Dibba Bay oyster shells to be used as building blocks for creating habitat and ecosystems to support marine life.

Monday, March 21st: BOCA x Gin Mare Takeover of Dibba Bay Oyster Farm (invitation only event)
Tuesday, March 22nd: Launch of the special BOCA x Gin Mare x Dibba Bay Oysters in BOCA

21 – 31 March 2022 | All Day Offers | ½ Dozen Dibba Bay Oyster with Signature Dressing AED 96 | Five dishes and Three Gin Mare Cocktails AED 260 per person | Gin Mare Cocktails from AED 45

Advanced booking is essential | Guests can book through 04 323 1833, Whatsapp on 971521607507 or



Little Red Door is a Parisian institution tucked in the discreet Rue Charlot and counted among the 50 best cocktail bars in the world for the last 7 years. This March, the Little Red Door team will fly to Dubai with The Botanist Gin and BOCA Dubai to host a cocktail dinner that places local produce at the heart of the experience.

Together they will present a multi-course dinner paired with The Botanist cocktails using ingredients grown and foraged from the UAE. Tomatoes, beetroots, strawberries, and native desert plants will be gathered from farms of the central region of the UAE during a planned day trip. The ingredients will then be exalted and reinterpreted by the team in order to arrange the composition as well as the presentation of the cocktails and dishes served during the dinner. 

Thursday 3 and Friday 4 March 2021 | 7:30 PM onwards | Four courses, eight vegetarian dishes, five cocktails | AED 375++ per person | Limited seating | Advanced booking and payment are essential

Click here to see menu.

For bookings: 04 323 1833 or or through Whatsapp



With the launch of our new menu, we also introduce our first carbon emissions report. The report, calculated by local carbon consulting firm elementsix, shows that our total carbon emissions for the year 2021 was 754 tonnes of CO2. This is a 10% reduction from the original total, as we source our electricity from renewable energy sources, through the use of International Renewable Energy Certificates (I-RECs).

We intend to reduce a further 26% of its total emissions by the end of 2022 by switching its chilled water consumption to renewable energy sources and another 4% by recycling its used oil and composting its organic waste. 

As a guest of BOCA, we are committed to serving you a delicious meal in a beautiful setting while maintaining a high standard of waste management, responsible sourcing and operating a low impact business. As a guest with us, your emissions will not exceed 15 kg of CO2.

Click here to see BOCA’s 2021 Carbon Footprint Report.



In this menu edition, vegetables take centre stage, and skins, stems, seeds and ugly produce get a second chance. We bring you a dining experience with a low carbon footprint, and without compromising on taste. We want to stop throwing the word sustainability around and start making a difference.

Click here to see the menu or below to book. 

For further information and booking please call 043231833, email or WhatsApp through +971521607507