Food & Drink

In this menu edition, vegetables take centre stage, and skins, stems, seeds and ugly produce get a second chance. We bring you a dining experience with a low carbon footprint, and without compromising on taste. We want to stop throwing the word sustainability around and start making a difference.

BOCA’s 2021 carbon emissions stood at 754,262 kgCO2. This is a 10% reduction from the official figures, as we obtain our electricity from renewable energy sources. We intend to reduce emissions by a further 26% by the end of 2022 by converting our chilled water consumption to renewable energy and a further 4% by recycling used oil and composting organic waste.

As a guest of BOCA, we are committed to serving you a delicious meal in a beautiful setting while maintaining a high standard of waste management, responsible sourcing and operating a low impact business. As a guest with us, your emissions will not exceed 15 kg of CO2.

Click here to download our first carbon emissions report. Figures were calculated against GHG Protocols by elementsix.

This season we present the second edition of ‘LOCAL INGREDIENTS: An Illustrated Guide’ highlighting the best of local and home-made produce. Download it here.


In this multi-award-winning menu, we present 300 labels, 60 of which are offered by the glass, highlighting the best of Old World and New World viniculture, as well as from countries close to our home in Dubai. Our focus in this list is Spain, and as a wine lover, you may have already savoured a glass of Ribera del Duero or Rioja. However, we invite you to try wines from “smaller” regions that may be producing some of Spain’s future stunners. From Castilla and Conca De Barberà to Montsant, Somontano and Toro DO. Sample indigenous and revived grape varieties and see if you find a new favorite. 


The cocktail list now features drinks that are a result of our bartenders and our internal waste officer collaborating. Our bar team is mandated to move at least one cocktail per month into the ‘no waste’ section of the menu. Expect to see pineapple pulp turned into lollies for garnish, local yellow peppers dehydrated and crushed into rimming salts and passionfruit shells turned into coasters. 

Available now: takeaway, delivery, and DIY home kits of your favorite tapas and Spanish beverage mixes. Head to La Taperia to order now.